Guarantees and complaints

Products available in Grzał and all bespoke heating elements have 12 months warranty as standard unless, product description or w offer says otherwise. Guarantee covers the material or production flaws  - the owner of Grzał shop is not rosponsible for wrong selection or exploitation of products.

Offered heaters are made in accordance with Polish Energy Standards (PNE).


Folding a claim

In case of demage of heating element on warranty period, we are asking to acquaint with the causes mostly unaccepted complains. If your case doesn't applies to any of these situations please contact with us by email/telephone. Then you will receive complaint protocol, which you need to send to us with defected product. Cost of shipping is paid by the customer (unless, producer noted different in the warranty card).


Causes of damege that aren't subject to warranty

1. Lack of heat reception from surface of heating element - resistance wire in heating element burns out as a result of too high temperature. In the case of heaters that is working in the air most of causes is lack of scavenge (in cases of too much surface load), venitlator turned off to quickly after turning of heaters, too high working temperature in relation to the material of heating elemeny, "dense" arrangement of heating elements or touching each other etc. On the other hand, most causes of dameges of elements which working in the water is turning on heater without full immersion, lack of enought flow for very surface-loaded elements, layer of boiler scale on the heateing element prevents from recepting heat by the water, contamination, sediment in the container settles/burning on the surface of elements etc.
2. Using heater NOT according to designation - using copper heater in stainless container (electro-corrosion), immersing heater, designed for work in the air, into the water (non hermetic connections, clumping bushings) using oven heaters in storage heaters (too high temperature) etc.
3. Wrong selection of heater at the stage of designing a full device. Heating elements are mostly subassemblies that's working in particular device. In case of designig/building a device, many factors have an influence on correct work of heating elements, for exemple: selection of surface material for conditions in the device, heated environment, temperature of work, way of montage, space between heating elements, current protection, thermal protection, influence of environment ,different then water, on surface/connection material (aggressive environment), isolation in the device, working in scavenge/flow etc.
4. Wrong selection of the surface load of the heater in relation to the environment - We are asking for check the chart of maximum load of heating elements while working in the particular environment.(link).
5. Connecting a heater to a higher voltage.  From technical point of view this is possible but you sould always notice what power will achieve the heater after increasing the voltage, and whether the surface load is normal.
6. Wrong execution of bending -  concerns the heaters with softened surface. Only heaters bended by us are covered by warranty. Heaters bended by a customer are losing warranty. After every bending  you should check correctness of electrical parameters (insulation resistance, spiral resistance, checking by a high voltage 1,25kV). Before bending on your own please read the terms of correct bending. (link).

Dear customers, please be aware that heaters are electric device that before connecting or montage requires checking by authorized electrician.


The complaint process

After receiving damaged product within 14 days you will receive decision about complaint with protocol by email or telephone. In case of positive consideration - as fast as possible - product will be repaired, exchanged for new one or refund. Reshipping will be paid by Grzał or by a producer.

In case of negative consideration, demaged product is available for next 14 days, otherwise it will be scrapped.

In case of any doubts, call 732 415 435 or write to us