Help in finding heaters

If you can't find the wanted heater, please contact one of our employes.

phone: 732 415 435, 799 778 314, 513 744 478


MMS (send us the picture of the wanted heater): 732 415 435

The fastes way for us to show you our products is when you send us a photo of the desired heater.

You could alsow send us the details of the heater ( the force, the tension and alsow the destination ).

If you wont send us the above details, we will call you back and together we can try to find the best soultion.

Advanced search/filtring products:

For finding the specific heater by the specific parameter (like force: from 1000W to 2000W, length: from 500mm to 800mm) we recomend you to use the filtring products which can be found in the left side of the website of the shop Grzał in every category of the every product.